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    The origin of our department can be traced back to the Faculty of Arts and Laws when Anhui University was first established in 1928. The year 1959 saw the formal foundation of the Department of History of Anhui University. In 1964 it was incorporated into the Department of History of Hefei Normal College. In the year 1979, the Department of History of Anhui University was reestablished, including majors like History, Archives, Archeology, and Museology. We now have 2 undergraduate majors¡ªHistory, Archeology & Museology, 9 Master¡¯s Degree granting points and 1 PHD granting point. We have 2 research centers specializing on Hu Shi and Chen Duxiu respectively; 4 teaching and research sections: Chinese ancient history, modern history, world history and archeology. The Department Library and the Reference Room of the key disciplines keep a possession of more than 60,000 volumes of books, over 100 kinds of periodicals, 2,000 boxes (discs) of electronic literature.

    Our department attaches great importance to the quality of teachers. Highly educated teachers constitute a large proportion. We now have 41 full-time teachers, including 15 professors, 17 associate professors, 12 PHDs, 18 masters and 4 studying for PHDs. 30 teachers under the age of 45 accounts for 73% of the total, showing strong potential for development. We have many excellent teachers: 2 provincial outstanding teachers, 1 top-notch talent, 4 academic leaders, 5 provincial young and middle-aged backbone teachers, and 4 university young and middle-aged school backbone teachers.

    In long-term teaching and personnel training, our department produced batches of high-quality professionals. In recent years, the student employment rate has been maintained at a level of over 95%, and a total of six students were admitted into the General Office of CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of State Security, and other departments under the State Civil Service.

    With respect to scientific research, our teachers are involved in more than 60 programs, of which are 8 State-Social-Science-Fund, 3 subprograms of the History of the Qing Dynasty. About 40 academic monologues have been published, such as Huizhou Clan Research, History of the Ming and Qing Dynasties History, On the Poetics of Confucius and A Out-of-Control Modernization Reform. About 600 academic papers appear in Historical Research, Chinese History Research and other publications. Among them, 10 research results like The History of the Huaihe River Basin Economic Development, Qian Mude Historical Ontology receive ministerial-level or provincial-level awards. In addition, we edit and publish Anda History, Hu Shih Research, Chen Duxiu Research and other publications. After long-term efforts and accumulation, we formed a number of focused research directions or fields: Shuizhou Studies, the Huaihe River Basin History, Anhui Modern celebrities and the history of Chinese historical literature.

    In cooperation and exchange, every year we invite a number of famous historians to lectures and meetings. We have forged close academic ties with more than 20 institutions of higher learning and scientific research, such as Beijing Normal University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. We also have a friendly relationship with the University of Maryland and Kochi University in Japan. In addition, we also successfully held "the International Seminar on Hu Shih Academic Thinking", "Seminars on Huaihe-River-Basin History and Culture", "New Century Historical Literature Forefront Forum", " Research on Huizhou Studies and the Ming and Qing Dynasties¡¯ Anhui Books" and other major academic conferences.

    Through generations; effort, History Department of Anhui University is constantly growing and expanding. Along with the university¡¯s "211" Project in progress, our department has also entered the best period of development. Facing the future, we are full of confidence and full of hope and expectation!

   (Related data updated in August 31, 2007)


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