Welcome to Department of Physics

Anhui University, a key comprehensive provincial institution, is one of the hundred universities supported by the government under the “State 211 Project”. Anhui University is located at Hefei, one of the four national scientific and educational bases, the beautiful capital city of Anhui Province.

Historical origin and development: the School of Physics and Material Science of Anhui University was individually founded in 2003, based on the former Department of Physics. The Department of Physics was founded in 1928. Since rebuilt at Hefei in 1958, the school has educated more than 140 graduated postgraduates, 5000 graduated undergraduates and 1000 Adult Education graduates for the Nation.

The Department of Electronic (three professions of undergraduate courses at present: Communication Engineering, Electric Information Engineering and Microminiture Electronics ) and the Department of Automatic (three professions of undergraduate courses at present: Automatic, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Test Control Technology and Instrument) are all based on the former department of Physics. Now, these two departments have been combined to establish the School of Electrical Sciences and Technology. Traffic Distinction of Anhui University (now renamed as Anhui Communication Vocational and Technical College) was initially depended on the Department of Physics and developed gradually.