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>>Undergraduate Admission

Introduction of Politics and Science of Administration Program

The graduate students of this specialty is intended:
    (1)To be reserve forces of leading cadres in enterprises, Party and government at various levels who have high political understanding of Marxist and great capability of managing, organizing, coordinating, leading, and decision-making.
    (2)To be teaching and research personnel in universities and colleges, military academies , research institutes, Party schools and administrative colleges who have elementary theory and knowledge of political science, governmental administration and various public administration.
    (3)To be senior specialists who master the skills of modern office automation and electronic governmental administration, and they can do political, propaganda, secretarial and governmental work in the government organs and public administrative institutions.

Introduction of Ideological and Political Education Program

This specialty raises professional with high Marxism theory tutelage and political quality, moral quality, who grasp the solid philosophy and social sciences knowledge, can teach and research Marxism theory and polity, as well as be engaged in the political work, propaganda, practical work and secretarial work and administration special.

>>Graduate Admission
  • Training Program for Master of History of Marxism Development
  • Training Program for Master of Ideological and Political Education
  • Training Program for Doctor of History of Development of Marxism
  • Training Program for Master of Basic Tenets of Marxism
  • 2006 Admission Regulation of On-service College Teachers Studying for Master’s Degree
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